Anyone who wants to enter the world of SUP / SURF should:

Learn and practice  take off techniques on the surfboard.
Observe how the sea and as the waves are formed.
Know how to use the accurate material depending on sea conditions (types of boards and wetsuits)
Choose the right spot for weather conditions and knowledge of surf we have.
Know how to recognize channels (currents) to enter and leave the water for safe surfing
Understand and use the rules, priorities and values ??of surf

The ultimate goal is to achieve, apart from the sport as such, technique and achieve higher level and improvement, understanding what surf and enjoying the sea actively means to you.
Surfing revolves around, the physical well-being and being fit (which is essential), mental well-being and perfect harmony with nature, the environment and respect for all.


Duration: 1 week, from monday till friday
Timetable: 9:30h – 13:30h, Monday till Friday
Included: Monitor, paddle board, oar, life vest, leash, Liability insurance
Price: 160 € per week and child

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